Brand Protection

As infosec pros we recognize the importance of integrity.

This is ever more evident as we face the challenges of counterfeiters copying our designs and violating our brand.

The protection of Hak5 intellectual property is paramount to ensure safe and trustworthy gear for our customers. We understand that pentesters, red teams and security professionals rely on Hak5 gear to perform sensitive operations.

Unfortunately counterfeiting — an illegitimate business and criminal offence — is an ongoing threat we continuously fight as we attempt to protect our brand from those who would deceive our customers.

Counterfeiting hurts our ability to fund security research, make product improvements, produce educational content, sponsor cybersecurity events and further our mission to elevate the infosec community.



Fighting Counterfeiters and Brand Abusers

We do not tolerate counterfeiting and we operate an anti-counterfeiting program against manufacturers and distributors of Hak5 counterfeit products. This includes the removal of fake websites and counterfeit listings from marketplaces, as well as investigations and legal actions against criminal elements.



Have you seen a counterfeit Hak5 product?

Customers, business partners and other parties are extremely valuable in our efforts to protect the Hak5 brand. We ask for your help with identifying and reporting sellers of fake Hak5 products or misuses of our intellectual property.

To aid in our battle against counterfeiting, please report your findings of Hak5 counterfeits to our brand protection team.

Thank you — we appreciate your help in protecting the Hak5 brand

By purchasing from and select authorized resellers, you have the assurance that product integrity has been held to the highest production standards.