Hak5 Limited Warranty


Hak5, LLC ("Hak5") goods are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. The Hak5 Limited Warranty covers defects in material or workmanship of new Hak5 products for ninety (90) days from the date of original purchase with proof of purchase, provided the goods are operated and maintained in conformity with the provided instructions. Any failed part of the goods will be repaired or replaced without charge at Hak5's discretion. This warranty applies only to Hak5 devices running pre-installed software or software by Hak5 from downloads.hak5.org. This warranty does not extend to third-party scripts, firmware, programs or payloads that interact with the device. This warranty extends to the original purchaser only and is non-transferrable. Only customers purchasing Hak5 products from shop.Hak5.org or in-person from Hak5 at conferences or trade shows may obtain coverage under our limited warranties.

Customer must undertake standard firmware recovery processes on malfunctioning product in order to resolve issues and/or work with Hak5 support on solving software issues before Hak5 may deem a product defective.

What is covered?

Hak5 warrants against defects or workmanship as follows:

Hak5 will replace at no charge for parts only or, at its option, replace any product or part of the product that proves defective because of improper workmanship and/or material, under normal installation, use service and maintenance. If Hak5 is unable to provide a replacement and repair is not practical or cannot be made in a timely fashion, Hak5 may elect to refund the purchase price in exchange for the return of the product.

How long does the coverage last?

Our warranty period is 90 days for signature Hak5 devices (WiFi Pineapple, USB Rubber Ducky, LAN Turtle, Bash Bunny, Packet Squirrel, Plunder Bug, Signal Owl, Screen Crab, Shark Jack, Key Croc) from the documented date of purchase, depending on the type of product.

What Hak5 does not cover?

It's important to note that the Hak5 limited warranty covers the device hardware itself – and not your code or the payloads and modules published by third parties.

Many Hak5 products are developed to be open platforms, with module API and payload specifications published for your benefit. We facilitate these documents, recommendations and downloads through our repositories and other methods to aid your access to the third-party modules and payloads. With that said, you are advised to only run payloads from reputable sources, and review code before attempting use. Since payloads and modules have root access to your device, it is possible for them to irreparably damage your device. The Hak5 team makes a best effort to review payloads and modules submitted to our repositories for malicious code, however no guarantees are made as to their effectiveness. As with any root script, proceed with caution.

Further the warranty does not cover hardware modifications or accidental damage, such as failed firmware updates due to power loss – however extended coverage is available should bootloader firmware recovery options be unavailable.

Our warranties do not cover any problem that is caused by:

  1. Conditions, malfunctions or damage not resulting from defects in material or workmanship.
  2. Conditions, malfunctions or damage resulting from (1) normal wear and tear, improper installation, improper maintenance, misuse, abuse, neglect, accident or alteration.
  3. Accessories, connected materials and products, or related products not manufactured by Hak5.
  4. Payloads, programs, scripts or firmware by third parties or any software which may alter the normal operations of the device.

Our limited warranties are void if a product is returned with removed, damaged or tampered or any alterations both physically and in software.

Hak5 does not cover products by third parties such as the Great Scott Gadget (Throwing Star LAN Tap, Ubertooth One, YARD Stick One, HackRF One, GreatFET One), TinyLabs (Keysy), or Mischief Gadgets (O.MG Cable, DemonSeed). Please see GreatScottGadgets.com, tinylabs.io or o.mg.lol for warranty and contact information.

How to file a claim?

Hak5 will not provide any warranty coverage unless claims are made in compliance with all terms of the controlling warranty statement including with your product and you follow proper return procedure. To request warranty service, you must provide:

  1. The sales receipt or order number
  2. A description of the problem

Please contact us to file a claim. A receipt providing the original purchase date will be required for all warranty claims. You may also be required to return the goods for inspection and evaluation. Return shipping costs are not refundable. Hak5 is not responsible for returns lost in transit.


  • Clearance products can only be exchanged for the same item.
  • Exchanges for clearance items are permitted for damaged goods up to 30 days after purchase.
  • If customer has not attempted standard firmware recovery processes on the product and the product is recoverable upon receipt by Hak5, a 30% restocking fee will apply.