Malicious Cable Detector by O.MG

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The Malicious Cable Detector detects all known malicious USB cables. Additionally, the Detector functions as a data blocker for safe charging.

It is easy to use: plug just the cable into the Detector, then plug the Detector into your computer's USB port. LED activity indicates signs of life! 

We have analyzed a wide range of malicious cables that have been found in the wild. Visually, most of them have suspicious physical designs due to how big they are or their questionable construction quality. Electrically, many are easy to detect because they produce signals on the data lines. However, O.MG Cables not only have a stealthy physical construction, but they are also invisible on the data lines until a payload is triggered. So how can you detect them without tearing the cable open?


This is where the Malicious Cable Detector comes in. It analyzes cable behavior 200,000 times per second by using side channel power analysis. This allows detection of all known malicious USB cables.