The Key Croc by Hak5 is a keylogger armed with pentest tools, remote access and payloads that trigger multi-vector attacks when chosen keywords are typed. It's the ultimate key-logging pentest implant.

More than just recording and streaming keystrokes online, it exploits the target with payloads that trigger when keywords of interest are typed.

By emulating trusted devices like serial, storage, HID and Ethernet, it opens multiple attack vectors – from keystroke injection to network hijacking.

Imagine capturing credentials and systematically using them to exfiltrate data. Or pentest from anywhere, live in a web browser with Cloud C2.

It's simple too. A hidden button turns it into a flash drive, where changing settings is just editing a text file. And with a root shell your favorite pentest tools like nmap, responder, impacket and metasploit are at the ready.

Key Croc

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