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Hosts Darren Kitchen and Shannon Morse

About Hak5

Hak5 is an industry leading pentest equipment manufacturer and award winning cyber security video series. Founded by security researcher Darren Kitchen, Hak5 hosts a variety of shows covering topics from open source to pentesting and security-privacy news. As the longest continuously running channel on YouTube, Hak5 has inspired a generation of hackers and cyber security professionals.


Hak5 in the Media

New York Times (12)   |   National Geographic (12)   |   CNET (123)   |   Tech Insider (12)
Computer World   |   Discovery News   |   Wired Magazine   |   InfoWorld   |   HelpNetSecurity   |   ArsTechnica


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Hak5 logos are important parts of our brand. They represents our identity and are valuable pieces of intellectual property. All Hak5 logos are the sole and exclusive trademarks (Registered Trademark #87390067) and property of Hak5 LLC.

These logos are provided for editorial or information purposes, such as in a written article. Hak5 LLC also grants permission for logo use on event websites and print material such as event program guides in accordance with our Hak5 Gear sponsorship program.

All other uses are subject to prior written permission. Hak5 reserves the right to revoke its approval of your use of its logos at any time.


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