Key Croc Features

  • Plug and Play
    No configuration necessary. Out of the box keystrokes are recorded to the loot folder.
  • Cloud C² Enabled
    Remotely manage payloads, stream and inject keystrokes, exfiltrate loot, even get a terminal right from your web browser.
  • Detection Evasion
    Don't be suspicious. Automatically clones hardware identifiers of the connected keyboard.
  • Simple Configuration
    Turns into a flash drive with the press of a hidden button so setting options and payloads is just editing a text file.
  • RGB LED Status
    Lights off while keylogging for stealth operation, yet incredibly useful while writing your next payload.
  • Keystroke Injection
    Introducing Ducky Script 2.0 – enhancing the Keystroke Injection language pioneered by Hak5.
  • Network Hijacking
    Get direct network access to the target, bypassing IDS and perimeter firewalls by emulating USB Ethernet.
  • Powerful Hardware
    Featuring a quad-core 1.2 GHz ARM CPU and 8 GB desktop-class SSD, this is one formidable pentest implant.
  • Linux Base
    Get root access to the Debian base from a dedicated serial console or SSH to find familiar pentest tools pre-installed.
  • WiFi Enabled
    With an integrated 2.4 GHz antenna for great wireless performance.