WiFi Coconut

There are 14 channels on the 2.4 GHz WiFi spectrum. Why packet sniff with only one radio?

Channel hopping misses 93% of the airspace at any given time.

What if you could monitor all channels at once, from a single USB-C device?

Now you can. Introducing WiFi Coconut: an Open source full-spectrum WiFi sniffer that simultaneously monitors the entire 2.4 GHz airspace.

WiFi Coconut captures standard PCAP files with its 14 finely tuned 802.11 WiFi radios, and integrates with popular tools like Kismet & Wireshark.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing global manufacturing shortages, production of new WiFi Coconuts has been temporarily suspended. Devices already purchased will continue to receive support. Sign up to be notified by email when this product is back in stock.


Wireless Test Equipment

The WiFi Coconut by Hak5 is wireless test equipment featuring an array of 14 finely tuned 802.11 WiFi radios. It lets pentesters and IT professionals monitor and record all 2.4 GHz WiFi channels simultaneously.

Recordings may be saved as standard packet capture (pcap) files, meaning all 2.4 GHz WiFi events may be stored and analyzed.

With the open source WiFi Coconut software, many industry standard wireless network monitoring and analysis tools like Kismet and Wireshark can use these full spectrum monitoring capabilities.