• Packet Squirrel
    The newest version of this field-proven network multi-tool packs advanced attacks in a pocket-sized form factor.
  • DuckyScript™, Bash & Python
    Effortlessly write powerful payloads for any purpose with familiar scripting languages
  • Cloud C² Enabled
    Deploy with confidence. Remotely command and control the airwaves with Hak5 Cloud C²
  • Payload Studio
    Unleash your hacking creativity with this full-featured Integrated Development Environment for all the Hak5 gear.
  • Simple Web Interface
    Seamlessly switch to arming mode, customize settings, and load payloads directly from your browser.
  • PayloadHub
    Share your creations with the world, get rewarded and find  inspiration from the community payload repository.
  • Linux Base
    Get root access from a web-terminal or SSH to find familiar shell with network common utilities.
  • Education
    Learn directly from the innovators — from e-book & pocket-guide to the complete course textbook.