Screen Crab Features

  • Plug and Play
    No configuration necessary. Out of the box image are captured and saved to a MicroSD card at regular intervals
  • Cloud C² Enabled
    Manage remotely, store images off-site and watch live in-browser with Hak5 Cloud C². Setup is as easy as copying a text file
  • Video Capture
    Save full motion video in MPEG4 format at 2, 4 or 16 Mbps quality and never miss a frame of the action
  • Simple Configuration
    Setting options is as easy as editing a text file. Edit config.txt on the root of the MicroSD card to control all functions
  • RGB LED Status
    Know exactly what the Screen Crab is doing at a glance with a simple color coded LED, or disable the LED for additional stealth 
  • Lag Free Operation
    With passive capture from the onboard video signal splitter, zero interruption or lag is present on the output display
  • Full HD 1080p
    Support for most lower resolutions and downscaling/backwards compatibility for higher resolution devices
  • Storage Rotation
    Loop recordings means never running out of disk space with the newest files overwriting the oldest
  • Large Card Support
    Capture months worth of images with support for many SD Extended Capacity (SDXC) cards
  • WiFi Enabled
    With a standard RP-SMA dipole antenna for great wireless performance