• Leading Rogue Access Point
    Patented PineAP Suite thoroughly mimics preferred networks, enabling man-in-the-middle attacks
  • WPA and WPA Enterprise Attacks
    Capture WPA handshakes and imitate enterprise access points, capturing enterprise credentials
  • Precision Targeting Filters
    Stay within the scope of engagement and limit collateral damage with MAC and SSID filtering
  • Simple Web Interface
    Fast and intuitive with an emphasis on workflow and actionable intelligence – just click to attack
  • Cross-Platform
    No software to install. Works in any modern web browser on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
  • Advanced Reconnaissance
    Visualize the WiFi landscape and the relationships between access points and devices
  • Actionable Intelligence
    Identify vulnerable devices, gather intelligence on the target and direct attacks
  • Passive Surveillance
    Monitor and collect data from all devices in the vicinity. Save and recall reports at any time
  • Automated Campaigns
    Guided campaign wizards deliver repeatable, actionable results with custom reports
  • Cloud C² Enabled
    Deploy with confidence. Remotely command and control the airwaves with Hak5 Cloud C²