Intervillage Badge

The Intervillage Badge debuts at Defcon 2020 and gives you contactless
data access over RFID (ISO 15693/14443) radio.

Powered by three contactless NFC NDEF tag (type 4 and 5) EPROMS (4Ko and
64Ko) the Intervillage Badge supports a variety of radio transport data
access. Try it's fun gamifications, hack it's circuits, impersonate your
other NDEF devices, or use it for plain card and tag backups.

The electronic badge needs no batteries or cables, and features a
innovative design to defend against opportunistic data theft.

Several Defcon Villages are collaborating on applications unique to
their fan base. Get creative and download the Opensource project
archive. Please note that button numbers have changed to symbols, as
correctly depicted in other product (DIY) photos.

Preassembled: Yes
Bumper Frame: Included
Printed Manual: Colour glossy
Lanyard (Neck): Not included
Manufacturing: Made in Germany
UPC: 811342030781

User Manual

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