Packet Squirrel Textbook

In an age where the digital landscape permeates every aspect of our lives, understanding the underlying workings of computer networks remains critically important. Ethernet, the dominant technology in local area networks (LANs), lies at the core of our connected world, facilitating the transfer of data packets with remarkable efficiency.

Since the inception of Ethernet in the early 1970s, it has become the dominant networking standard. Even the meteoric rise of 802.11 wireless hasn't curbed the use of physical Ethernet for speed, and reliability.

This book serves as your gateway to exploring Ethernet and delving into the realm of packet sniffing and manipulation.

Whether you are an aspiring network engineer, a cybersecurity enthusiast, or a seasoned penetration tester, this book will provide you with a comprehensive foundation to build upon.

Along the way you'll find over thirty five exercises to reinforce your knowledge, and three in-depth DuckyScript™, Bash and Python projects to test your skills.

What you will learn

  • Become well versed in the basic components of a computer network including IP addresses, ranges and network segmentation.
  • Understand the concepts of routing, bridging, network redirection and network isolation.
  • Learn techniques for Ethernet interception. Discover payload design principles, as well as the development process using the DuckyScript™, Bash and Python scripting languages.
  • Build a deep understanding of payload scripting; flow control, loops, network modes, conditions, functions, redirection and more.

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Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Hak5; 2nd edition (July, 2023)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 979-8-9884701-0-6
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